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Specialty Films

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Specialty Films

Polyester Films

GENERAL PURPOSE: Our general purpose PET films are offered in a wide variety of types for use in hundreds of different applications. Some of the films many features include: dimensional stability, excellent strength, long shelf life, and optional slip and adhesion pre-treatments.

Super Clear Polyester Film - A general purpose untreated film exhibiting super clarity. Applications include; laminations, ID cards, labels and other graphic applications. Available in 200, 300, 400, 500, and 700 gauge (50, 75, 100, 125, and 175 microns).

Clear Polyester Film- A general purpose untreated film with good clarity, well suited for metallizing. Applications include; energy control, decorative laminates, silicone release and labels. ...
Polystyrene Films

Polystyrene Films

LABEL FILMS: A biaxially oriented polystyrene film featuring outstanding gloss and smooth finish, resistance to grease and moisture, and is FDA compliant for direct food contact. This film is available with an optional corona treatment on one or two sides. Applications it can be used include food insert labels, tags, metallizing and pressure sensitive stock. Available in high or low gloss white, matte, and clear in thicknesses ranging from 2 to 10 mils (50 to 250 microns).

PRINTING & THERMOFORMING GRADE: Economical and versatile films that are available in either printing or thermoforming grades.

Printing Grade: Our printing grade polystyrene can be easily die-cut and fabricated, has excellent clarity and ...
Polypropylene Films

Polypropylene Films

HEAT SEALABLE Coex: Our heat sealable, coextruded, biaxially oriented Polypropylene film is two side sealable and one side corona treated for ink adhesion and lamination bonds. This film has good hot tack and low haze characteristics. In addition, this film serves as a good moisture barrier and boasts a broad heat seal range for high speed HFFS and VFFS machinery. Heat sealable co-ex biaxially oriented polypropylene can be used in place of more expensive coated films for most applications. This film is also FDA compliant. Applications in which this film is suitable for are single-sheet and laminated horizontal or vertical machining applications. It is often used in bakery, snack, candy, and pasta applications as well as for ...
Polyethylene Films

Polyethylene Films

  • We stock and custom produce blown high density, medium density, and blended PE films. These films are produced in thicknesses as thin as 0.00048" and as thick as 0.020".
  • We can produce material in widths as narrow as half inch and as wide as sixty five inches.
  • These films are natural hazy clarity and have a natural slip to them.
  • These films can be produced in virtually any color or clarity possible. We can adjust opacities to meet even the most stringent of needs.
  • We also offer print and adhesion treatments on one or both sides of the film (at any dyne level you need).
  • We can also apply UV coatings for a variety of outdoor applications. We are so confident in our UV coated products that we ...
Silicone Release Films

Silicone Release Paper

  • Most of our films are also available with silicone release coatings. We have films that are coated on one or two sides. We can adjust our release levels to meet even the most stringent specifications.
  • Our release levels vary from easy to tight and can be adjusted or formulated to meet specific needs. We do offer products that are solvent silicone coated and products that are solvent-less silicone polymer coated.
  • Commonly stocked release coated substrates include polyethylene (HDPE, MDPE or LDPE), polypropylene, polystyrene and polyester films.
  • We can produce these films in roll sizes as narrow as 1/2" up to approximately 65" wide as well in sheets or die cut pieces.
  • Our films are used in a wide ...
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