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Polystyrene Films

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LABEL FILMS: A biaxially oriented polystyrene film featuring outstanding gloss and smooth finish, resistance to grease and moisture, and is FDA compliant for direct food contact. This film is available with an optional corona treatment on one or two sides. Applications it can be used include food insert labels, tags, metallizing and pressure sensitive stock. Available in high or low gloss white, matte, and clear in thicknesses ranging from 2 to 10 mils (50 to 250 microns).

PRINTING & THERMOFORMING GRADE: Economical and versatile films that are available in either printing or thermoforming grades.

Printing Grade: Our printing grade polystyrene can be easily die-cut and fabricated, has excellent clarity and gloss, offers greater stability than high impact styrene, has an optional corona treatment on one or two sides for optimal anchorage of adhesives and inks, is printable by offset, screen, UV processes curable, rotary letterpress, rotogravure, and flexographic. This product is offered in high gloss white, low gloss white, matte, clear and in custom colors. Applications include P.O.P. displays, backlit signs, temporary ID cards, tag stock, and labels. This film is a general purpose product that is clear and has been used in many market areas, such as packaging, general lamination, as well as label facestock and release liner. It is manufactured in our cast and tenered process and boasts superior tensile properties. This film is receptive to a wide variety of inks and coatings and will enhance the properties of many printing applications. The thickness range for this product is two to ten mils nominal thickness.

Thermoforming Grade: Trays formed from our clear polystyrene offer the packager a durable and economical container with great visibility. Some of film’s properties include: Crystal clarity and sparkling gloss, excellent moisture vapor transmission Rates (MVTR) for food protection and product appeal, high strength and rigidity which allows stacking without fear of collapse or damage, optimum machinability and high speed forming, optional silicone coating permits easy mold release and de-nesting of thermoformed trays. Our anti-Fog Biaxially Oriented Polystyrene available in 2-side silicone coating and 2-side anti-fog coating.

SHRINK LABEL FILMS: Polystyrene shrink label films provide an excellent print surface with consistent lay flat characteristics making it ideal for label printers. Our shrink label films afford the end user superb shelf appeal with 360° advertising. In addition, our shrink films incorporate total ink coverage adding additional UV light protection and increasing the product's shelf life. These films provide positive breakage of the band assuring the consumer of a tamper free product.

WINDOW FILMS: These low glare window films offer the best combination of both optical and physical performance by delivering virtually 100% sorting efficiency. A balance of gloss and haze characteristics, along with controlled gauge and stiffness tolerances make our film the best choice for reducing risk and rejection at the post office. Applications these films can be used for include windows in envelopes and folding cartons, as well as laminations. These films (in all gauges) have been successfully tested on MERLIN (Mail Evaluation and Readability Look-up Instrument). The superior OCR (Optical Character Recognition) readability gives you a significant advance in sorting efficiency. Most postal services recommend a low gloss, low haze film to prevent misreads. This window film provides an optimum balance of gloss and haze characteristics. Available in 105, 115, 125, and 150 gauge (26, 28, 31, 37 microns).

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