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Polypropylene Films

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HEAT SEALABLE Coex: Our heat sealable, coextruded, biaxially oriented Polypropylene film is two side sealable and one side corona treated for ink adhesion and lamination bonds. This film has good hot tack and low haze characteristics. In addition, this film serves as a good moisture barrier and boasts a broad heat seal range for high speed HFFS and VFFS machinery. Heat sealable co-ex biaxially oriented polypropylene can be used in place of more expensive coated films for most applications. This film is also FDA compliant. Applications in which this film is suitable for are single-sheet and laminated horizontal or vertical machining applications. It is often used in bakery, snack, candy, and pasta applications as well as for specialty multi-wall bags and general box overwrap applications.

Overwrap films: This transparent co-extruded biaxially oriented polypropylene film is slip modified with anti-static qualities and offers high tear strength, resistance to low temperatures and anti-blocking characteristics. It is FDA compliant for use in food packaging applications End-uses include CD packaging applications and other high-speed converting processes. Available in 80 gauge (20 microns) and 100 gauge (25 microns).

NON HEAT SEALABLE General purpose polypropylene: Biaxially oriented polypropylene is a general purpose film featuring a two-side treatment for adhesion of inks and glues, resistance to moisture, good barrier to gasses, long shelf life and durability. It is FDA approved for direct food contact. Applications include laminations, gift and flower wrap, and windows in folding cartons (especially for bakery items and other food products where freshness is required). Available in thicknesses ranging from 75 to 200 gauge (19 to 50 microns).

Slip: A co-extruded biaxially oriented polypropylene that offers excellent clarity and stiffness. This film is two-side treated and non-heat sealable. Applications include uses in the outer web of laminations designed for vertical and horizontal packaging machines including food packaging. Also used in graphic arts overlamination applications. Available in thicknesses ranging from 75 to 200 gauge (19 to 50 microns).

White: A co-extruded white biaxially oriented polypropylene offering non-voided whiteness, good flatness, and strong tensile strength. This film is compliant with FDA food packaging regulations. End-uses include white opaque tape base applications and other non-heat sealing industrial and packaging uses. This film is available in 120 gauge (30 microns).

Polypropylene Lamination Films: Biaxially oriented polypropylene films for laminations featuring two-side treatment, high slip, and anti-static for superior transparency and gloss, high moisture barrier, and resistance to oil, grease and chemicals. Applications in which this film is used include laminations with various substrates by adhesive or extrusion processes. These films are available in thicknesses ranging from 50 to 100 gauge (13 to 25 microns).
Polypropylene matte film: A biaxially oriented matte polypropylene film offering one side gloss, one side matte tape base. Applications include a variety of laminations. This film is a good alternative to high gloss films and is available in 60 gauge (15 microns).

Polypropylene White Cavitated Label Film: This film is an opaque (pearlized), non heat-sealable, two side treated film which features low moisture absorption with one side high gloss and the other side exhibiting excellent fiber tear properties. Its dimensional stability reduces wrinkles in hot melt bonding. Applications in which is it used include high speed roll-fed bottle labels. It is available in 108 and 124 gauge (27 to 31 microns).

Polypropylene In-Mold Label Films: This pearlized film offers improved slip and anti static properties. It is non heat-sealable, with high gloss and two-side treatment. The primary application in which it is used for is in-mold labeling. It is available in 240 and 280 gauge (60 and 70 microns).

Antifog: This antifog film is not coated, but its properties are inherent in the film itself. It prolongs freshness of food, and complies with food contact regulations. It is sealable and two-side treated for adhesion. The primary application for which this product was designed to be used in is fruit and vegetable packaging. This film is available in thicknesses ranging from 80 to 140 gauge (20 to 35 microns).

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