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Parchment Paper

Parchment Paper/Pan Liner Paper/Baking Paper

  • Genuine vegetable parchment papers ranging from 25#, 30#, 35#, 45# and 55# basis weights.
  • Genuine Vegetable Parchment is the premier sheet in the bakery market. Its release characteristics, heat resistance, grease resistance and wet strength mesh quite well with the needs of bakeries.
  • Siliconized parchment papers on one or two sides in release level range from easy to tight.
  • Greaseproof papers are available in a variety of colors.
  • Custom printing is available on many grades (but are subject to minimum order requirements).
  • Our papers are FDA approved for direct food contact.
  • Various roll widths, roll diameters, core sizes, sheets and die cut pieces are all ...
Waxed Paper

Waxed Paper

Food Processing Grades & Applications:
  • Dry waxed bleached paper: 18/21#, 21/25#, 25/30#, 30/35#, 40/48#
  • Waxed two side bleached paper: 18/28#, 21/33#, 25/38#, 30/44#, 40/55#
  • Waxed one side bleached paper: 30/38#, 40/48#
  • Semi Waxed bleached paper: 18#, 21#, 25#, 28#, 30#
  • Quilon treated pan liner (bleached and natural): 24# and 35#
  • Silicone treated bleached pan liner: 25#, 27#, 35#
  • Parchment Papers (bleached and natural): 25#, 27#, 55# (treated and untreated)
  • We are able to provide FDA Certification, Allergen Certification and Kosher certification for all of our waxed grades as well as meeting all CONEG requirements.
  • Our food processing grades are created to perform in ...
Glassine Paper

Glassine Paper

  • We stock glassine paper as thin as 25# and as thick as 55#.
  • Our Glassine paper is a super-calendared paper that is grease resistant, has a high resistance to the passage of air, and is almost impervious to the passage of water vapor.
  • Glassine is a very smooth, glossy paper and can be produced so that it transparent, or semi-transparent, bleached or even colored (ie: blue, red, green).
  • We offer grades with various kit levels of grease resistance to fit any specialized food wrapping applications.
  • This stock is FDA approved for use in food packaging applications.
  • This paper is available in either roll form, sheet form or die cut pieces.
Polycoated Paper

Polycoated Paper

  • We offer a variety of coated substrates ranging from 8# tissue up to 140# kraft.
  • Resins that we have available to coat with are: low density polyethylene, medium density polyethylene, high density polyethylene, linear low density polyethylene, ionomers, metallocene, polypropylene, EVA, EMA, acid copolymers, colors, and additive packages.
  • We are also able to produce custom printed and coated papers in a variety of colors and styles.
  • FDA approved stocks for medical use and direct food contact.
  • Our poly coated stocks are heat sealable.
  • Various roll widths, roll diameters, core sizes, sheets and die cut pieces are all available.
  • Prime and odd lot stock is available.
  • Applications ...

Board Stock

  • We can produce board stocks up to 0.125" thick.
  • SBS (solid bleached sulphate).
  • Clay coated (news, kraft, white back).
  • Chipboard (plain ship, bending chip, coated chip).
  • Polycoated board-Food/medical grade, one side or two side coated.
  • All of our board stock is available in rolls, sheets or die cut pieces.
  • Many of our board grades are FDA approved for use in food packaging applications.
  • Some of the use of our food grade board are cookie packaging, candy packaging, cake bands and circles, bakery boxes, and pizza boxes.
Kraft Paper - 2

Kraft and Butcher Paper

  • We stock 30#, 40#, 40# and 70# recycled and virgin kraft papers (natural and bleached)
  • We are able to manufacture these grades in rolls, sheets and in die cut pieces
  • We are able to certify the use of our kraft papers with FDA approval for direct and indirect food contact as well as being able to meet all CONEG regulations
  • We also guarantee the use of 100% recycled fiber content in all of our recycled kraft grades.
  • Virgin natural kraft, 25# to 90# basis weights with MG, MF, calendared or super calendared finishes.
  • Virgin bleached kraft, 25# to 90# basis weights with MG, MF, calendared or super calendared finishes.
  • Poly coated, silicone coated.
  • Recycled natural ...
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